John W. Rogers, Jr.?

John Rogers serves as a board member on McDonald’s Board of Directors. He is also Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Ariel Investments, LLC, which he founded in 1983. He is also a Director of Exelon Corporation, The New York Times Company, and NIKE, as well as a trustee of Ariel Investment Trust.

Most importantly, John has the influence and responsibility to urge McDonald's leadership to address the extreme animal cruelty in McDonald’s supply chain.

Although McDonald’s may claim to care about animal welfare, it has failed to release a meaningful welfare policy for the millions of chickens used for food in its supply chain. Over 80 large companies including Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, Campbell’s, and Sonic have already committed to ending their support of the cruelest factory farming practices that these birds face. McDonald’s continues to face public scrutiny for ignoring this momentum towards improved animal welfare. It’s time for John to use his influence as a member of the Board of Directors to urge McDonald’s leadership to do the same as dozens of other food industry leaders. If John and McDonald’s truly care about progressive policies, they will step up and ensure there is no space for this continued cruelty at McDonald’s.